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Senior Care New York Myths: Home Care is Only for Ill People

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“I am not ill! I don’t need home care!” – It is the common phrase we hear from aged people, who thinks that senior home care is the service for the individuals who have serious medical problems. Of course, it is true – home care is vital for older adults who have chronic health issues or need special medical assistance yet prefer to stay at home. But the home care is not only for the people, who need qualified care due to serious medical conditions. The daily home care can also be useful for the older adults who would like to eat well, manage medications, keep up with the medical appointments, stay active and communicate with others.

Senior home care can be very helpful when you would like to spend time with your friends and family while home care aides are managing the daily routine.

To dispel the myths Open Door Home Care, New York, decided to give you five real-life examples how home care services can help even the healthiest seniors.

Home Care Options for Seniors’ Comfort

1. Respite Care While Your Family Members Are Away

Family caregivers can get sick or travel for work, and of course, they need vacations like everyone else. And respite home care can make it easier to deal with the changes in schedule and make sure the elderly have the companionship and assistance they might need.

2. Concierge Services

One of the great things about living in a modern society is that you can order almost anything and it will be delivered to you. Amazon Prime and InstaCart allow to get groceries and personal care items, TaskRabbit will bring prescriptions, dry cleaning, restaurant meals or any other thing you want to get for a small fee. But it is not always comfortable to order staff you need from different places. A professional caregiver can become a helping hand you might be looking for. A caregiver can get everything required right to your home and assist you with the household tasks you might have: from unpacking food and cooking to even walking with your dog.

3. Part-time Home Making Services to Clean Your Home and Cook Healthy Meals

Open Door Home Care services allow clients in New York and Nassau County to customize the caring schedule. You may choose once-a-week visit from a homemaker to take care of meals, laundry, and cleaning or opt for a full-time assistance from a registered nurse or home health aide.
Moreover, the majority of agents are trained to review the senior security and eliminate possible injuries.

4. Aids Can Help with Appointments and Medications

Common issues seniors face while living at home are connected with forgetting to take medication and keep appointments. Such a behavior may lead to serious health consequences, especially for people with chronic diseases. A professional home health aide who comes once a day can ensure that senior individuals are following their medication schedule and let their relatives know if they are not. Some agencies provide aides who can drive an aged person to their doctor’s or dentist appointment and remind them when it is time to make a follow-up appointment.

5. Part-Time Care Professionals for Trips and Socialization

Some seniors don’t need assistance with their daily tasks. However, they may feel lonely and may need help with their trips around the town. Part-time caregivers can help senior individuals to walk around in parks, visit friends or spend time in different senior centers.
Open Door Home Care team is happy to help seniors to stay socially engaged, by reducing health risks related to isolation, including depression, dementia or a high blood pressure.

If you are interested in a part-time caregiver, feel free to enroll in Open Door Home Care services and make yours and your senior relatives’ life more comfortable and social.


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Great company with true values

November 1, 2022

OpenDoorHomeCare is the place where you can be a part of like-minded people who feel taking care of seniors their true mission. It was great experience to work there; I felt extremely appreciated by both team members and patients.


Competitive compensation

September 12, 2017

I totally recommend working with Open Door Home Care! During my stay with them I enjoyed great work environment and professional guidance from the director and staff. The company provided competitive compensation and lots of bonuses.

Elizabeth Simmons, Nurse

Big thanks

September 12, 2017

I found Open Door when looking for home health aides. I am partially disabled and need some help with homemaking and regular activities. The company provided a wonderful assistant who is still with me. Do not hesitate to hire Open Door if you or your relatives need professional senior care services.

Allen Seyfried, Patient

Great opportunity

September 12, 2017

I had a great experience working for Open Door Home Care and making people`s lives better. The company was always friendly and supportive. It was a great opportunity for me to work with the best specialists of senior care industry.

Patricia Carter, Personal Care Specialist