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Personal Care

Pretty personal care nurse walking out with senior patientPersonal home care services are aimed at providing elderly and disabled individuals with an opportunity to remain independent, safe and self-reliant despite their health conditions and issues related to aging. It’s mostly in-home non-medical care chosen by people, who don’t want to transition into special facilities. Personal care turns out to be a less expensive, yet a lot more convenient option than a nursing home for elderly or a similar institution.

Open Door Home Care believes that nobody is entitled to define individual’s limits apart from that individual. And, there’s no shame in asking for assistance if it gives you a chance to live an enriched, independent life. That’s why we offer compassionate and professional personal care services to elderly and disabled people in all 5 New York boroughs and Nassau County.

Our caregivers help older and handicapped adults with the daily personal care activities they used to perform on their own. This may include bathing, grooming, restroom use and a number of other everyday exercises. As the assistance is provided not by a family member, but by a trained professional, our clients are able to preserve their privacy and dignity without depriving themselves of the much-needed support.

The goal we pursue is making the client feel clean and well-maintained. Each personal hygiene and body care need of an elderly or handicapped individual is met by our caregivers. Depending on client’s requirements, they provide the following types of personal care services.

Personal care services we offer

1.Standby assistance with morning and evening routines

Personal care professionals help clients complete each step of their morning routine and get ready for the day: from getting out of bed and taking care of personal hygiene to changing clothes and eating a healthy breakfast. Good night’s sleep has a huge impact on the overall health of senior and disabled individuals. At the same time, restless nights are an ongoing struggle for many of them. Thus, Open Door’s caregivers not only provide assistance when it comes to night-time personal hygiene routines. They also help clients to unwind before going to bed and catch as much sleep as they can.

2. Bathing and showering assistance

A lot of senior and disabled patients are capable of completing most of their personal hygiene routines on their own. But, taking a bath or a shower without someone’s assistance is often dangerous and physically challenging for them. Our personal home care specialists help senior clients overcome body care difficulties and avoid bathroom injuries.

3. Transportation assistance

Personal home care professionals eliminate mobility limits elderly or disabled wheelchair users and bedridden individuals may have. They help them restore the feeling of independence and become more socially active.

4. Restroom use and incontinence assistance

Restroom use is a rather sensitive issue for seniors and handicapped clients. Therefore, our professionals are trained to provide assistance with the utmost respect to client’s feelings and privacy. They’re also able to provide sensible help to individuals, who are forced to cope with occasional or frequent incontinence.

5. Appearance Care

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful despite the age and numerous health problems. Open Door Home Care workers understand the pride senior and disabled individuals take in their appearance. We provide dressing, grooming, hair care and other services to make our clients look their best and lift up their mood.

In addition to the services mentioned above, personal care for seniors by Open Door may include:

  • hair and skin care;
  • denture care;
  • perineal care;
  • respite care;
  • eating assistance;
  • changing briefs;
  • palliative care;
  • dressing assistance;
  • brushing teeth;
  • repositioning to prevent bed sores;
  • escorting to doctor’s appointments;
  • helping with bedpans and urinals;
  • assisting with range-of-motion activities.

The list of services is not exhaustive and may be tailored to client’s requests. If you think that you or your family member is in a position where they need personal home care assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Open Door Home Care. We’ll be happy to give you more details about our services.

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Our reviews

Great company with true values

November 1, 2022

OpenDoorHomeCare is the place where you can be a part of like-minded people who feel taking care of seniors their true mission. It was great experience to work there; I felt extremely appreciated by both team members and patients.


Competitive compensation

September 12, 2017

I totally recommend working with Open Door Home Care! During my stay with them I enjoyed great work environment and professional guidance from the director and staff. The company provided competitive compensation and lots of bonuses.

Elizabeth Simmons, Nurse

Big thanks

September 12, 2017

I found Open Door when looking for home health aides. I am partially disabled and need some help with homemaking and regular activities. The company provided a wonderful assistant who is still with me. Do not hesitate to hire Open Door if you or your relatives need professional senior care services.

Allen Seyfried, Patient

Great opportunity

September 12, 2017

I had a great experience working for Open Door Home Care and making people`s lives better. The company was always friendly and supportive. It was a great opportunity for me to work with the best specialists of senior care industry.

Patricia Carter, Personal Care Specialist