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5 Characteristics of Caregiver to Consider Before Hiring

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Okay, you are all set and selected a reputable home and senior care company. After the choice, you are rolling into the work with your coordinator who will set up an in-home assessment to meet with you and your beloved one. Thereafter you will get an opportunity to personally interview caregivers.

During this secondary screening process, you and your senior relative will be able to meet the person who will be providing services to you. It is important to find out if it will be easy to communicate with this home health aide or nurse, if he or she will meet your expectations and if the communication and service delivery will be comfortable for you and your senior parent or disabled relative.

Of course, a lot of home care services in New York and Nassau County, and Open Door Home Care is not excluded, have perfected and streamlined the process of caregiver choice.Yet, there are several distinctive features you should foresee while interviewing candidates.

Prominent caregiver features

  1. Professional Experience: Qualified caregivers can provide services in a number of various areas. Ask each candidate about their caregiving experience. References can be very helpful for this kind of evaluation. If your beloved one has a preexisting condition, for example, diabetes or dementia, make sure your future caregiver has an experience working with such patients. If meal preparation will also be a part of their duties, ask them what kinds of foods they enjoy cooking and if they know about special dietary requirements or restrictions.
  2. Caregiver Proficiency: Make sure that the caregiver you choose has completed all necessary training and has proper certification required by the state of New York. Additional training and continuing education are also among the minimum state requirements and usually indicate the high quality of senior home care services. Ask about extra information and credentials they may have or advance training they completed on their own.
  3. Compassion: The connection between the caregiver and their patients is very important. Attention and sympathy play a crucial role in establishing a trustful relationship with your beloved one. Ask why your future caregiver had chosen senior care as their primary occupation. The right carer should have a mix of professional and caring attitude to the job. Find out if they have common interests with your senior relative, maybe they may watch movies together, or listen to the same music. Remember, they will spend a lot of time together, so common interests can make caregiver’s visits more pleasing for both parties.
  4. Patience: Senior home care services allow your family to take a small break from the responsibilities that may be very time-consuming and emotionally hard. A person who chose caregiving as a primary occupation needs to have a number of qualities, and among them is patience. It is known to be the most important quality in this area of employment since caregivers face a lot of complications while working with different types of patients. Individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia are very hard to take care of. Ask the interviewed about the previous experience with the clients. Try to find both composure and warmth in the answers. Such people are usually caring and patient, doing their work with attention and love.
  5. Communication: Look for the person with good verbal communication and positive attitude. This person will spend a lot of time with your beloved ones, and you, of course, want them to be able to get along with each other. Your caregiver should help you to keep your loved one comfortable and calm, they also will keep updating you and your family about the changes in the care plan or conditions. The ability to adapt fast and problem-solving skills will also be a big plus, yet, they all require excellent communication skills.

As you see it is highly important to hire a caregiver who has all these exceptional skills and qualities. With such person, your loved one will be calm and happy, and the individual with a positive attitude will make sure that it is so.

If you are looking for senior home care services in New York and Nassau County contact Open Door Home Care service now and be confident that your relatives will be in good hands.

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Great company with true values

November 1, 2022

OpenDoorHomeCare is the place where you can be a part of like-minded people who feel taking care of seniors their true mission. It was great experience to work there; I felt extremely appreciated by both team members and patients.


Competitive compensation

September 12, 2017

I totally recommend working with Open Door Home Care! During my stay with them I enjoyed great work environment and professional guidance from the director and staff. The company provided competitive compensation and lots of bonuses.

Elizabeth Simmons, Nurse

Big thanks

September 12, 2017

I found Open Door when looking for home health aides. I am partially disabled and need some help with homemaking and regular activities. The company provided a wonderful assistant who is still with me. Do not hesitate to hire Open Door if you or your relatives need professional senior care services.

Allen Seyfried, Patient

Great opportunity

September 12, 2017

I had a great experience working for Open Door Home Care and making people`s lives better. The company was always friendly and supportive. It was a great opportunity for me to work with the best specialists of senior care industry.

Patricia Carter, Personal Care Specialist