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Nursing Care

senior asian woman and her nursing care service providerHuman bodies change with aging differently. Some people are able to maintain their lifestyles with minor alterations while others encounter serious health issues, which create the need for medical care and administration. That requires professional training, knowledge and skills. And the nurses working with Open Door Home Care in the State of New York and Nassau County have them. The nursing home care services we provide allow senior and handicapped people to remain under medical observation and get basic health monitoring procedures done in the comfort of their own homes. It’s quite convenient for patients, who can’t leave their homes too often due to their conditions or simply despise spending too much time in hospitals. Nursing for seniors is your opportunity to preserve independence and make sure that your body is treated the way it should be.

Open Door’s nurses able to determine health concerns, monitor the health state of senior and disabled individuals, follow physician’s instructions, perform day-to-day medical procedures and provide emergency assistance when necessary. They visit patients regularly and observe how their bodies heal and respond to certain treatments, if their illnesses seem to progress and if the doctors’ intervention is necessary. Monitoring person’s vitals, medicine intake and reactions to certain medication are they responsibilities as well.

Some of Open Door’s staff members that are qualified to provide nursing for seniors also have advanced qualifications. It means that they’re able to perform and administer special treatments, such as therapeutic rehabilitation or post-surgery care.

Additionally, our nurses serve as kind, invested companions keeping elderly individuals in good mood and socially active. They get to know the clients they work with, develop friendly relationships and connect with patients on a personal level. This way, they make sure that the homebound individuals and elderly clients, who are extremely prone to depression, don’t feel isolated and lonely. If they need continued help around the house or any other kind of assistance, our staff is always ready to help as well.

Home care nursing services Open Door provides

Nursing home care services Open Door offers in the state of New York are provided by registered, licensed and certified nurses. The list of their responsibilities is usually discussed with each elderly or disabled client so that it fits his/her needs. That list of nursing services may include, but isn’t limited to the following:

  • health evaluation;
  • vital signs monitoring;
  • medication administration;
  • injections;
  • wound care;
  • lab venipuncture;
  • ostomy/colostomy teaching and management;
  • G-Tube feeders maintenance and administration;
  • medication reconciliation and reports to doctors;
  • management of tubes, drains and bags;
  • catheter care;
  • post operation monitoring and telemonitoring;
  • glucose monitoring;
  • IV management;
  • post-surgery care and assistance;
  • heparin flushes;
  • educating about illnesses and treatments.

Whatever medical assistance senior patients and disabled individuals need on a daily basis, Open Door Home Care is always there to help. We’re licensed to provide nursing services to seniors within the CDPAP program as well, which means that Medicaid-protected individuals may enlist our support as well. You may always call us or reach out by filling in the contact form (don`t forget hyperlink please) on our website to get the information you need and book an appointment.

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Our reviews

Great company with true values

November 1, 2022

OpenDoorHomeCare is the place where you can be a part of like-minded people who feel taking care of seniors their true mission. It was great experience to work there; I felt extremely appreciated by both team members and patients.


Competitive compensation

September 12, 2017

I totally recommend working with Open Door Home Care! During my stay with them I enjoyed great work environment and professional guidance from the director and staff. The company provided competitive compensation and lots of bonuses.

Elizabeth Simmons, Nurse

Big thanks

September 12, 2017

I found Open Door when looking for home health aides. I am partially disabled and need some help with homemaking and regular activities. The company provided a wonderful assistant who is still with me. Do not hesitate to hire Open Door if you or your relatives need professional senior care services.

Allen Seyfried, Patient

Great opportunity

September 12, 2017

I had a great experience working for Open Door Home Care and making people`s lives better. The company was always friendly and supportive. It was a great opportunity for me to work with the best specialists of senior care industry.

Patricia Carter, Personal Care Specialist