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Nutrition Counseling

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Importance of nutrition counselling for older adults

Improper nutrition is one of the main health concerns among the elderly and disabled. It influences many seniors, as after the age of fifty, they encounter numerous metabolic and physiologic changes. Their metabolic rate slows down due to the decrease in muscle mass. Certain illnesses, including chronic ones, impact the nutritional needs and cause related problems as well. As a result, seniors often have to deal with the difficulties when it comes to obtaining necessary nutrients required to maintain optimal health condition.

Unfortunately, malnutrition in elderly is quite underdiagnosed. It’s estimated that more than 35% of individuals over the age of 65 are suffering from nutritional and vitamin deficits, and the actual situation may be even more disturbing. For instance, some reports claim than only 17% of older adults in the U.S. are following a fully balanced diet while almost 30% of elderly miss at least one meal a day. However, there is a number of warning signs of malnutrition to look out for when being 50 and older or when caring for a senior person. These indicators should attract your attention to the issue and consider seeking nutrition counseling. The most common ones are:

  • the lack of easily accessible transportation
  • difficulties when grocery shopping
  • dissatisfaction with cooking;
  • living alone;
  • specific health problems;
  • decreased thirst and hunger sensations;
  • involuntary weight loss;
  • high blood pressure;
  • general weakness.

Even such issues as poor dentition or improperly fitted dentures may decrease food intake and lead to problems with digestion.

Older adults suffering from improper nutrition and consuming an imbalanced diet are exposed to the following health risks:

  1. weak immune system;
  2. weight loss or weight gain;
  3. dehydration;
  4. vitamin deficit;
  5. high cholesterol and type-2 diabetes;
  6. heart diseases and strokes;
  7. osteoporosis;
  8. depression;
  9. high blood pressure and headaches;
  10. some types of cancer.

These issues lower the quality of seniors’ lives and decrease life expectancy. That’s why Open Door Home Care connects clients with the best nutrition consultants in all 5 New York boroughs and Nassau county. After assessing eating habits, struggles and reviewing your medical history, the specialists will establish dietary goals for an elderly or handicapped patient and work out a plan to accomplish them.

Nutrition consultants for elderly in New York and Nassau County

Nutrition counseling services provided through Open Door Home Care may include:

  1. current diet and activity level evaluation;
  2. review of patient’s medical conditions and latest lab results;
  3. determination of the impact individual’s eating habits have on their health;
  4. food journal and grocery shopping lists’ creation;
  5. meal planning;
  6. motivational coaching;
  7. nutritional monitoring, etc.

The services may be added or removed from the list upon client’s request.

With the help of a certified nutrition consultant, our elderly and disabled clients will be able to develop a healthier lifestyle and build a balanced diet with the regard to individual dietary restrictions. As a result, they will encounter fewer health problems, experience increased energy levels and elevated mood. They will also notice memory and concentration improvements, stabilize blood pressure, eliminate weight and digestion issues.

Our professionals offer invaluable aid to elderly patients and try their best to improve individuals’ nutrition while taking into consideration their food preferences. Fill out the contact form to get further information on nutrition counseling services from Open Door Home Care and request the corresponding assistance.

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Great company with true values

November 1, 2022

OpenDoorHomeCare is the place where you can be a part of like-minded people who feel taking care of seniors their true mission. It was great experience to work there; I felt extremely appreciated by both team members and patients.


Competitive compensation

September 12, 2017

I totally recommend working with Open Door Home Care! During my stay with them I enjoyed great work environment and professional guidance from the director and staff. The company provided competitive compensation and lots of bonuses.

Elizabeth Simmons, Nurse

Big thanks

September 12, 2017

I found Open Door when looking for home health aides. I am partially disabled and need some help with homemaking and regular activities. The company provided a wonderful assistant who is still with me. Do not hesitate to hire Open Door if you or your relatives need professional senior care services.

Allen Seyfried, Patient

Great opportunity

September 12, 2017

I had a great experience working for Open Door Home Care and making people`s lives better. The company was always friendly and supportive. It was a great opportunity for me to work with the best specialists of senior care industry.

Patricia Carter, Personal Care Specialist